WE DO NOT SELL OR HAND YOUR CONTACT DATA TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON. People who do, simply suck. And we do not suck. ?

  • The FDA takes issue with people who claim that their home made products fix or cure anything. That said, the information I offer you on my site is done so with much research and feedback from my customers. AND A LARGE AMOUNT OF COMMON SENSE. Our customers are brilliant, they have been so good to us.
  • As I have said throughout my site the products are not meant to replace your doctors advice.
  • There is no way for us to know if you are allergic to something. Please be sure you test on a small area of skin before application.
  • 100% essential oils are just that, pure. They are no diluted in any way. Be careful when applying them. I would not advice using essential oils on baby’s or pregnant women. (The only oil safe for that is Lavender but I would still be very cautious when using them) if you do not know how to use 100% essential oils, ask. They must be diluted before use!
  • Organic oils are used whenever possible
  • Fragrance oils are substituted when necessary. Some oils end up in the endangered list like sandalwood. In these cases we use a very high quality fragrance oil.
  • I am not supposed to claim that Thieves Oil cleans anything either but the oils extracted offer antiseptic and cleansing property’s. Common sense. 🙂 no chemicals either! And man, the stuff smells FANTASTIC!
  • Our products are for external use only.

These terms and conditions were last updated on January 25th, 2019.