Coco Whip


Coco Whip

The ever popular coconut oil. Organic, refined. When cool it is hard however it melts at body temperature so almost as soon as you touch it, it melts into a nourishing, vitamin packed oil. Helpful in maintaining soft skin and provide a much needed drink for dry skin.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut oil, essential or fragrance oils.

NEW neuropathy blend, users are also saying it is helping the pain from arthritis as well. This oil is all organic and VERY high quality, the prices are slightly higher as a result- as with everything I make it is passionate and well researched. Because my friends and family are in need of this kind of releaf no profits will be made from this particular product. This has a very strong scent, some of us love it some don’t but this one is for the relief not for the smell. I will also send along the ingredients and what each oil is doing to help you.

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Coco Whip

For  thirsty skin


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