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Essential Oil Products

The BEST oils we could find

We pride ourselves in our essential oils. we use organic whenever possible. If it is not something we would use personally, there is no way we are going to sell it to you. We are not selling "kits" like some essential oil providers, we are not interested in door to door sales or convincing people there are magic cures when there is not. Just some basic common sense about your body and skin.


The products we make are all natural, the finest ingredients we could find. Most importantly there is nothing in them that you can not pronounce. There is NO REASON to put alcohol in body lotion. It drys your skin, look at your store bought creams, they are full of it.

Hand Made

We make everything when you order it. All our oil blends are hand made, we encourage you to ask about special blends. We love working with our customers! And of course, we love to make you smell fantastic and help your mind, spirit and skin along the way <3

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